R2: “I believe this lady is much more aware of exactly what do happens for those who have unprotected sex | شركة سعد الحصان للسلامة

R2: “I believe this lady is much more aware of exactly what do happens for those who have unprotected sex

R2: “I believe this lady is much more aware of exactly what do happens for those who have unprotected sex

Girls’ responsibility. Initial, all round norm for all groups appeared to be you to preventing pregnancy ought to be the common obligation out-of the kid and you may this lady. Yet not, after from the discussions, they turned clear that ladies perceive by themselves as more obliged than just people inside providing responsibility to have to prevent a maternity:

Responsibility depending on the brand of rela-tionship. In most organizations, the girls seemed to concur that the duty for contraceptives into the practice depends on whether you’re from inside the a stable matchmaking or in case it is an excellent “one-night-stand”: “Dental contraceptives and implants are utilized if you are into the an excellent stabile dating, just like the then you don’t have to value venereal diseases and you will stuff” (G: 1). Based on numerous organizations, is girls just take obligation for contraceptives, particularly during the periodic intercourse: “You simply can’t rely on people you may not even comprehend so you can take duty getting maybe not making you expecting” (G: 2).

Minimal knowledge about abortion and contraceptives

All the organizations discussed health risks for the link with courtroom abortion. Several had been uncertain of just how higher the dangers are indeed, however, spoken worries about the risk of to be sterile. One group expressed an ambiguous image of legal abortion together with some other views on which an enthusiastic abortion mode:

R3: “Better, We read that you can get a capsule – if it’s but a few days … and that, I have to say, did not voice so incredibly bad … ”

R1: “Get a hold of, no body keeps a clue most, what you really do, just what a keen abortion very setting … ” (G: 3)

Simultaneously, a number of female thought that that they had a very clear visualize out-of just how an abortion is completed: “Once you know how it’s over the way they take off brand new arms and legs and you may bring the actual attention … it’s sickening, it is intense!” (G: 5).

Concern about top-effects regarding hormonal contra-ceptives. A common apprehension try you to hormones contraceptives cause bad front-effects and you may injury to you, especially throughout the adolescence. Determine from unsound suggestions supplies out of contraceptives was known as an effective considerable and you may perplexing problem:

R3: “But nonetheless, people are saying you eat even more, develop bust, and all kinds of posts…you get weight, score swift changes in moods … ”

R4: “In my opinion men and women are afraid of bringing the tablet today when there have been plenty regarding the mass media on the blood clots and you may blogs.”

R1: “There are a lot myths and you will tales boating which you cannot monitor what the risks are indeed.” (G: 2)

Unsatisfying sexual degree at school. Media and you can family unit members, as well as youth centers and you may moms and dads, have been mentioned since bringing young people with knowledge off intercourse and you can sexuality. None of one’s organizations seen the college once the a main origin of data. On the other hand, all teams discover the fresh new intimate training in school getting unsatisfying: “The college you will would one hundred% most readily useful!” (G: 5) https://besthookupwebsites.net/local-hookup/nanaimo/, “Teenagers don’t get factual statements about contraceptives at school” (G: 5), “You get a great deal recommendations almost everywhere else, it is merely throughout the school that they are some time negligent” (G: 6). Of several believe this may, at least partly, explain the increasing numbers of abortions among teenagers.

The teams expressed large standards into the sexual education that universities should provide. Multiple girls stated that the fresh new universities still have the greatest precision in comparison with almost every other sourced elements of factual statements about sexual things.


Appeal category interviews were used to gather qualitative research to the perceptions and you will studies regarding the teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexual decisions, and you may birth control models. The brand new findings illuminate this new participants’ opinions and you will issues on these issues. We feel your contribution speed is positively impacted by creating the newest interview regarding college buildings on the college days. This could provides permitted youngsters just who probably do not have turned up if not to participate. The trustworthiness of your data is considered ensured by which have young, girls moderators which have a non-authoritarian method doing the new interviews.

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