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There are many types of insulation use in buildings such as waterproofing, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation

Water insulation is about protecting buildings from surrounding factors that negatively affect the building, such as rain, torrents, increased humidity, water leaks, and others

Thermal insulation works to preserve the heat in the house without being affected greatly by the climate changes outside

We provide our distinguished services for all types of buildings, whether they are houses, villas, shortages, companies or institutions, governmental or private buildings. Various types of surfaces and water tanks. Swimming pools.

We use a number of high-quality materials to insulate the surfaces with it and make absolutely sure that there are no leaks in it, and the most important of these materials: biotemene, polyurethane, and water glass, mixing silica with cement and its insulation, paraffin media, cement chips, and street asphalt, vary according to The need and surfaces to work on.

The isolation process is done professionally by steps that start with cleaning surfaces with modern methods to remove all deposits and detect cracks and smuggling. Then fixing them with a consideration of the tendency of the surface to flow water and then isolate it with one of the previously mentioned materials.