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Lirunex Featured Broker Profile

When trading CFD and operating in the Forex market, as well as trading any financial assets, there is a possibility of partial or complete loss of your investment funds. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to refrain from investing and trading funds that you cannot afford to lose in the event of an unfavorable outcome of such trading. If necessary, based on the results of your trading, you can request a report from us on the operations of your trading account to provide tax reports in your country of residence. There should also be resources that help clients make effective trades.

Profit or loss in the deposit currency is deposited to/withdrawn from the Client’s trading account immediately after a position is closed. 1.8.24.«Trading Platform»shall mean all programs and technology that present quotes in real- time, allows placement/modification/ deletion of orders and calculate all mutual obligations of the Client and the Company. For the purposes of simplification for this Agreement, a trading platform consists of a server and client terminal.

The level of commissions will vary between different brokers and also depends on the asset being traded and the type of service offered by the broker. Lirunex offers bank wires, credit/debit cards, three domestic solutions in Asia, three cryptocurrency payment providers, offers PayPal upon request, and notes the availability of NganLuong is coming soon. Lirunex does not offer any educational tools for beginner traders. Since the low minimum deposit requirements will attract many first-time traders, it would benefit Lirunex to rethink its approach.

The facility that enables a trader to get a much larger exposure to the market than the amount he or she deposited to open a trade, is called leverage. Such leveraged products magnify a trader’s potential profit – but of course, also increase the potential loss. From Monday to Friday withdrawals are processed in the first 24 hours after a withdrawal request has been submitted. Funds must be returned to your account using the same method in which you used to deposit them.

  • For the purposes of simplification for this Agreement, a trading platform consists of a server and client terminal.
  • Low minimum deposit and withdrawable bonuses with reasonable conditions.
  • Leverage, in the highly competitive world of forex trading, can either work for or against a trader.
  • If online trading is a day at the beach, scam brokers are the sharks in the water.
  • The above stated conditions do not prevent the Company from exercising its other rights in accordance with the Regulations.
  • AML and KYC policy is applicable to the Company, its partners and Clients and is intended to hinder and actively prevent money laundering and any other activity facilitating money laundering, financing of terrorism or criminal activity.

Investment of revenues obtained from criminal activity into full range of financial products. The company uses the Transport Layer Security cryptographic protocol version 1.2. The Company reserves rights to modify the Refund Policy at its discretion, without notice. In case of detecting any abuses or fraudulent activities by the Client against the Company’s pol-icies, the Company reserves the right to decline the Client’s request of refund. If any dispute should arise, the Client shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the Company or send a request for an inquiry.

If you have transferred money to them through your bank account, btc scam can still help you get your money back. The transaction times for both Lirunex withdrawals and deposits will usually be around 24 hours, with variable commissions for local online banking methods. As you can see, there’s not a lot of options for you to fund your trading account. At the time of this review, Lirunex offered a 20% bonus limited to $6,000 and a 50% bonus up to $10,000. Both require a minimum deposit of $200 and expire at the end of November 2021.

Lirunex Bitcoin Services

Describing the behavior of LIRUNEX scam brokers and identifying them will bring their actions to light. Consult with today if you are unsure about LIRUNEX , have suffered from an LIRUNEX scam, and wish to report them. We have the tools and experience to return your money to you and keep you safe from scam brokers. Second, no one should get away with lying to their clients and taking their money. For the sake of justice, cheated customers should not let the issue rest.

1.8.17.«Client Transactions»shall mean instructions and requests by the Client to the Company in relation to their trading and non-trading operations in Clients Portal and trading platforms. 1.8.15.«Margin Trading»shall mean trading using leverage, where the Client may make transactions of a certain size, while having significantly less funds on their trading account. Some less than honest brokers will be pushy with clients and urge them to make certain trades. All brokers are required by law to reveal their own holdings. This prevents a pump and dump operation in which the broker will encourage his or her clients to buy an asset the broker holds until the price rises. Then the broker will sell their huge position and drive the price down, devaluating the holdings of their clients.

Lirunex Minimum Deposit :

The philosophy on which Lirunex was founded is the preservation of consumer loyalty and the provision of skilled trading services to the advantage of unparalleled professionalism. Lirunex operates through its brokerage office in Cyprus, along with all the requisite security and compliance requirements. Lirunex is a Forex broker that claims to have a European license but actually goes with only the Malaysian one, which is not that sturdy to ensure the safest financial experience. Broker offers trading with currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks. This is an online trading brokerage with entities in Cyprus and the Marshall Islands. Since it has an offshore entity, we advise you to avoid it.

In such cases the Client shall indemnify for and against the Company’s direct and indirect losses/damages, expenses which the Company suffers as the result of the Client’s actions. The Clients are responsible for covering any reversed payments and/or chargeback fees. To file a complaint on non-trading operations, the Client should complete the standard form in client portal. If a Company employee should make a mistake when carrying out an internal transfer that results in funds being credited to the wrong account, the sum of the request shall be indemnified to the Client at the Company’s expense. The Client may only carry out a transfer from a Credit/Debit Card issued in the Client’s Account name. Transfers from Credit/Debit Cards of third parties are not accepted by the Company.

Also, together with extensive conditions for professionals or active traders, beginning traders are very welcomed since Lirunex provides learning courses and supports with data analysis or strategy guides. The last point within our Lirunex Review is payment methods by the use of which you may transfer fund to or from your treading account. These including Card Payments and Bank Transfers available at the moment of the review, yet Lirunex will add on soon Neteller, Skrill and China UnionPay to its options. Nevertheless, a professional offering, which presented by two higher grate Lirunex account types will include specified conditions for higher leverage, which is available only for confirmed professionals.

There are high-quality proprietary platforms, but scam brokers can create fake versions that do not do actual trading but instead take money or data. I like the trading environment lexatrade at Lirunex for scalpers and high-frequency traders with a focused trading strategy requiring few but liquid assets. Lirunex offers high leverage and is an execution-only broker.

The Company ensures that such arrangements shall operate in the best interest of Clients, for example, arrangements granting access to information or other benefits/services which would not otherwise be available. The Client shall not be entitled to demand the Company to provide investment or trading advice or any information intended to encourage the Client to Financial leverage make any particular transaction. 1.8.16.«Inactive Trading Account»shall mean a Client’s trading account which has not had an open position, pending order, or non- trading operation in a 3 month period. 1.8.10.«Instrument»shall mean any currency pair, cryptocurrency pair, spot metal, contract for difference and other financial instruments offered by the Company.

The Client is prohibited to use services and/or software for any illegal or fraudulent action, or for any illegal or fraudulent transaction pursuant to the legislation of the state of the jurisdiction of the Client. The Client guarantees non-criminal origin, lawful ownership and right to use money transferred by it to the Accounts of the Company. To eliminate direct or indirect aiding illegal financial activity and any other illegal transactions using the Website. The Company guarantees that all Authorized Persons will adhere to the terms of this Policy and take all necessary steps to protect the Client’s Personal Data.

In our review of , we will consider the following characteristics. It is essential to check these factors when analyzing any broker. Even the most sophisticated investors can fall for fraudulent brokers and Ponzi schemes.

Detailed Lirunex Review 2021: Forex, Cfd’s And Crypto Regulated Broker

Lirunex Limited’s policy is to process withdrawals via the same method that you used to deposit. Upon request, we can settle your withdrawal request in a different account after compliance/AML validation that the account belongs to you. 8 Can I withdraw my money if I have an open position ? The Company allows monitoring all suspicious actions and timely providing the law enforcement agencies with detailed information. That is why complete legal defence is provided to the clients, who provide the confidential financial data of the Company.

The spread depends on the grade of the account type you use since higher grade accounts offer better trading conditions. Execution-only brokers, which is a broker that does not involve in any personal investment advice and gives traders complete control over how they trade the markets, tend to have lower commissions. Forex broker services are also provided for institutional clients and large companies such as investment banks. Lirunex offers a positive swap at the time of writing on EUR/USD short positions and other select assets, meaning traders can get paid money to hold such a position overnight. Lirunex designed four account types that will definitely suit one’s own need, either with relatively small size or regular trader, or an active trader with greater exposure to the markets. These accounts are listed below on a snapshot, so you may see its conditions along with deposit requirements and general comparison.

Should the Company provide Swap-free accounts upon the Client’s request, the Client accepts the terms and conditions of the Agreement and agrees, amongst other things, not to be charged for swaps on any trading account. Potential traders need to take the time and do due diligence. Before signing a contract, opening an account, and depositing money with a broker, research the broker carefully.

Lirunex warns all potential traders that Forex and CFDs trading always carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before starting to trade, potential clients of Lirunex should avail themselves of all possible information and trading skills needed to be successful in the world of forex and commodity trading. The strategy guides will direct you through your trades and give you the best chance for a successful outcome.

The Company may provide Personal Data to third parties who are not the Company’s partners, agents or affiliates only when requested by representatives of legal or administrative authorities. The Company will not provide any refunds for the Client’s losses due to any reasons. B) where the complaint was not made to the Company via the “Payment History” section of client portal (but by e-mail, telephone, on the forum, etc.). The Company shall have the right to request that the Client provide additional documents to make an inquiry. Any party who has gained access to client portal by entering the password shall be considered to be the Client.

There are, however, better brokers with stronger licenses and lower spreads. Lirunex is the trade name used by a Cypriot investment firm, which is also authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission . The regulatory responsibilities and legal status of the broker are the first things to check when choosing a broker.

Report Lirunex Problems

At the same time, the Company is not responsible for their discrepancy with the rates on the market in real-time option sales. We have thoroughly researched Lirunex Review and have found important information you should know before signing up to trade with them. Read our review to find out what you need to know about Lirunex Review and to stay safe while trading.

Such amendments will become effective on the date specified in the notification. The Client acknowledges that the Company may introduce new products and services without providing prior notification. The Company may transfer its rights and obligations to a third party in whole or in part, subject to due notification to the Client and consent of the assignee to the terms hereof and of the applicable Regulations. The rights and remedies provided to the Company under the Terms of Business are cumulative and are not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided under the law of Marshall Island. The Company has the right to suspend service to the Client at any time for any justified reason . D) take or not take action concerning the Company, the Client and other clients as the Company deems to be reasonably appropriate in the circumstances.

Broker By Country

Together with compliance to necessary laws, CySEC brokers and Lirunex respectively operate clients account with transparent conditions, also segregate funds from the company ones. In addition, in the worst case of the company insolvency and CySEc guideline clients are covered by the compensation scheme. Our Goal is to deliver superior services in currency trading, along with CFDs, equity indices, precious metals, and energies, whilst our clients remain satisfied for their trading experience. Our Philosophy is to maintain loyal clients by ensuring client satisfaction. We monitor the global industry trends on a daily basis, alongside keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

Using a higher than necessary leverage can work against a trader as well as for him. It is always possible that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment. If Lirunex’s website itself does not provide enough means, a trader should explore other information sources and means to obtain that skills and knowledge. In the case of Lirunex traders can communicate with the customer support team in writing , by email or other electronic means, or orally via telephone calls. Lirunex’s MT4 is loaded with tools and features to enhance traders’ strategy and bring better exposure, for traders on the beginning level as well as for professionals. It has no restriction on EAs that may be programmed or selected from the marketplace.

In any of these cases, we recommend that you look for another broker. If Lirunex Review will not release your funds, contact our experts for advice on what to do. Lirunex Trading App is a great alternative to traditional online trading with secured money management functionality.

Now, we have to ask why any legit company would risk its reputation with an offshore entity. According to, this entity is based in the Marshall Islands and re-registered in the Republic of Maldives. To make it more suspicious, they have LFSA regulation. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs Currency Risk may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. It is really important that you do not trade any money that you can’t afford to lose because regardless of how much research you have done, or how confident you are in your trade, there will always be a time that you lose.

Information provided on applications and other Company forms, such as name, address, date of birth, passport data, occupation and personal mobile phone number. This Refund Policy is for informing the Clients that the Company does not provide any refunds unless any of the above occurred. The Client shall have the right to change the password to client portal individually or follow the password recovery procedure. The Company shall have the right to set restrictions on minimum and maximum transfer amounts, differentiated by the Deposit and Withdrawal options and transfer currency. The Company shall be obliged to not charge any additional commission for funds transfer, except for the commissions and other expenses described in these Regulations.

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